About Us


WNG Capital LLC is a leading aircraft operating lessor dedicated to investing in used commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing.

Our investment philosophy focuses on realizing available value in aircraft technical condition, contractual cash flow and minimization of market risk, not financial engineering. We invest in used commercial aircraft requiring lessee transition in the near to medium term. Our investments utilize our cumulative skills, experience and market knowledge to realize “hidden value” through successful lease transition and ultimate sale of aircraft and aircraft components.

WNG Capital investors enjoy a combination of high current income from lease cash flow, predictable investment duration and low residual risk. WNG underwrites its aircraft investments using airline historic utilization, current aircraft technical condition and forecasted future airline use. This detailed underwriting provides WNG with a part-by-part valuation of each aircraft, and when incorporated with airline maintenance obligations, a reliable base case investment valuation. Deviations from forecasted airline utilization provide WNG with an early warning of possible operational issues, and an opportunity to work with our airline customer to resolve issues before they become problems.

Our airline lessees enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced, knowledgeable and well-financed operating lessor. Since 2009 we have invested in 59 used commercial aircraft and established mutually beneficial relationships with 43 airlines. WNG strives to work with our lessees to provide lease terms and structures meeting their evolving fleet and financial requirements.

WNG employs a hands-on asset management model including regular visits with our lessees and inspections of our aircraft. We strive to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our airline customers. Our proven investment strategy is founded on four essential elements:

(i) Develop a comprehensive cash flow forecast for each investment
(ii) Actively manage each investment to maximize cash receipts over its economic life
(iii) Assign conservative residual values and value each life limited component at a discount to market values
(iv) Manage our portfolio to minimize exposure to individual lessees, geographic markets and concentrations of lease maturities

In following these four principles, WNG avoids surprises and focuses on maximizing returns for our investors while meeting the requirements of our airline customers.

Our investments range from older narrow and wide body aircraft including 737 Classics, A319s, A320s, 757s and 767s to current technology 737 Next Generation, A330 and EMB 170 aircraft. We have airline customers currently operating in 18 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.